Boppy Pillow Review

A baby requires a lot of time and attention. It also seems that a caregiver needs to have more then two hands to feed, change, cuddle, and take care of the baby. There are some devices that are used to make taking care of a baby easier and keep the baby happy. The boppy pillow allows the child to be placed down on it and allow the parent to sit comfortably. Many mothers report that this pillow is great for nursing as they can position the baby on it. The boppy can also be used to prop a baby up into a sitting position when they cannot sit on their own.

There are some great benefits to owning a boppy

* Boppy was voted the number one products by moms
* There is a slipcover that can be taken off and easily washed
* Supports the baby when they are learning to sit up
* Allows support and comfort for nursing mothers
* Allows support for bottle feeding
* Support for babies on their tummy which can be uncomfortable at first
* Provide comfort for moms recovering from child birth
While many mothers love the boppy not all of them have rave reviews about this product. Moms have reported that
*Flame resistant cover has a strong odor
*Baby sits too low for some to breast feed
*Hard to hold for those that are of a larger size
*Pillow has been reported to go flat easily
While there are some cons to owning a boppy many women report they are happy with this product. The boppy will make it easier to breast feed the baby since the mother can have a free hand. The boppy makes feeding time easier on the baby and the mother. It offers great support when the baby is learning to sit up. The parent does not have to hold the baby all the time and the boppy is soft but supportive. Tummy time which is needed is not longer a struggle. The boppy is one thing that expected parents cannot go without.