Having an Edge with the Wedge Pillow

backwedgeThere are now more alternatives to the usual rectangular pillow that is used while sleeping, especially since there are those who require specialized pillows to help them with sleeping problems or to serve a special purpose while in bed. These specialized pillows are often more expensive than regular pillows especially since a lot of them are made of materials that differ from the usual ones used for conventional pillows. However, the market for these pillows has grown over the years and there are more companies that have joined the industry while others have expanded to include specialized pillows as well.
An example of a specialized pillow is the wedge pillow which comes in the form of an incline. The most common material used for this kind of pillow is foam since it is meant to create support for the person using it. There are some though that can be inflated and used either above a mattress to serve as a pillow or underneath a mattress so that it can lift the mattress up and allow either the upper half or the lower half to be raised. The inflatable version allows it to be deflated and stored when not being used.
For those with asthma or other breathing problems while sleeping, a wedge pillow will allow them to sleep with their upper body raised into a position that will enable better breathing. There are even smaller sized pillows of this design that can be used for children who have shown to have difficulty breathing when sleeping flat on their backs. A pillow that makes it possible for them to sleep on an incline helps one’s airways to provide the appropriate amount of air that will limit the chances of asthma attacks occurring while asleep and having to reach for an inhaler.
There are sufferers of gastroesophageal reflux disease, more commonly known as GERD, who have also tried using a wedge pillow while sleeping and many have claimed that it was quite effective. This is because the incline of the pillow raises the upper body and doing so prevents any of that acid in one’s digestive tract from finding its way to one’s esophagus, thus, causing that burning sensation that causes a great deal of discomfort while asleep. Different manufacturers have varying degrees that their pillows are raised at but finding which one will provide a good’s night sleep is certainly possible.
These special pillows can also be used by people who enjoy reading while in bed, enabling them to simply use one pillow instead of having to stack several pillows. These can also be used by those who like watching television in bed, allowing them to have a good view of their favorite TV shows while being able to relax comfortably. For whatever purpose one may have, these specially designed pillows have become increasingly commonplace in many bedrooms to the point that there are more sizes to choose from and pillow cases especially made for them can now be readily bought.